Schenken Sie armen Kindern in Nepal eine Zukunft.                                       100% ihrer Zuwendungen gehen nachweislich an die Kinder.                                       Wir haben keine Verwaltungskosten.                                       Sie erhalten eine Spendenquittung für Ihre Spenden.                                        Alle Zuwendungen sind steuerlich absetzbar.                                       Wir kennen unsere Kontakte in Nepal seit langer Zeit persönlich.                                       Wir sind ca. 1x pro Jahr (auf eigene Kosten) in Nepal und können so vor Ort den Stand der Dinge überprüfen.

The EurOPA+ Project

EurOPA+ stands for „Educational Opportunities for the Poor and Able - High School“.

  • This is the continuation of the EurOPA program.
  • We support children, who have finished their middle school education and who want to reach their Nepali high school degree.
  • The program runs in the 11th and 12th grade
  • Every donation and fees help us cover the expenses of ~110€/month and child
  • The project covers all expenses such as meals, housing at the school, clothes, basic medical coverage, books, school fees, and other schooling materials

With this project we enable children, to get ready for taking on a Job or continue on to university level education in a globalized world. We help raise the children to become self determined and responsible citizens who want to help Nepal grow out of its hardship. Many children who have received their degree from BKNS (our partner school), grow up to become engaged members of society who find their own ways to helping their country.

Children who have finished middle school, usually can rely on their families' support. Often it is merely the financial hardship that makes it hard to ensure also the last two years of schooling. Only a very smal fraction of children makes it all the way to receiving a high school degree. Especially girls often have to quit early. We help lowering this burden of continued education and we guide these young adults to the entrance to university. During university and times of application we assist with help and support, even when the financial support ends with receiving a high School certificate.

From our "big ones" we expect that they help the younger ones, mentor them and guide them on their way. This helps building a network and spreading the word of our work.

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