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Reconstructing Nepal after the big earthquake in 2015

After the big earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 we quickly knew we wanted to help. We decided to support the countries reconstruction by building schools, staying true to our organizations goals.  Only educated children can turn into responsible citizens and help in turn rebuild the country in the long run.

The earthquake killed almost 10,000 people. Hunreds of thousands of People lost their livelyhood , their homes and everything they had. Millions of children do not have Schools anymore. In the following winter, another 10,000 people died from the lack of supplies such as medicine, Food, water, oil or gas.

Through international help, the reconstruction slowly started and today in some regions we can see buildings being erected again and life returning to normal.

In October 2016 we visited Nepal and personally saw one of the 4 schools we have been able to build so far from the more than 40,000 € that we have collected for this purpose so far since 2015.To build These schools we have found a trustworthy Partner Organisation, Santi School Projekt.

One of "our" schools is relatively close to Kathmandu. Only a few hours drive away from the big city lies a small village tucked away in the forests and hills.his is the school we visited. The other three lie quite close to each other but far away from the city up in the hills in front of the himalaya.

Here we how you some of the pictures from our visit. We were greeted by some of the school's students the principal and some teachers. We were greeted with flowers and enjoyed getting to know each other.

Help us continue this project.

We were very happy to finally see with our own eyes one of our schools that we have been able to build with all the donations we have received. Hundreds of children have a future because of the 4 schools we have build so far.


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