Education for underprivileged girls

The EurOPA Project

EurOPA stands for Educational Opportunities for the Poor and Able“.

This sponsorship program is the heart of our work.

  • We Support children, who have finished their elementary School Training, to attend a secondary School (Boarding School)
  • The program runs from 5th to 10th grade
  • Every donation and fees help us cover the expenses of about 90€/ month per child
  • The sponsorship covers all expenses such as all meals, housing at the school, clothes, medical Basic support, books, School fees, other schooling materials.

With this type of sponsorship we help poor children to continue school after their elementary school. In Nepal children, especially girls, often have to leave school after their 4th grade to help the family support the family by earning money or helping in the fields.

Often money is needed to keep the family afloat. With our support we minimize the risk that children will be pulled out of their schooling before they have been enabled to support themselves and lead self determined lifes. Parents have no expenses for their children and families learn that longer education will lead to a higher standard of living in the future.

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