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We currently support two types of projects. Although in the future we want to expand our activities, we want to grow slowly and sustainably. This way we can ensure that whatever we do, we do well. The children we support rely on the continuity of our help.

Our projects:

  • EurOPA - Our sponsorship for children from the 5th grade until 10th grade
  • EurOPA+ - Our sponsorship for children in high School (11th and 12th grade)

Children in middle school and high school have different challenges to deal with. The younger ones often face the problem of being allowed to continue on in school. In many cases their contribution is needed by their families and going to school is often not considered necessary. The older ones usually have secured the support of their families. They have to mainly deal with securing financial support to be able to finish school and to become self-determined young adults. We want to help the children in exactly what they need at the given stage of their development.

Please navigate through the sub-menu to find out more about the projects and also about the kids we currently support or have supported previously. Also learn here about the Partners and references we have.

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