Why Bildungsförderung Nepal?

Why Bildungsförderung Nepal

Usually we do not know much about the difficult lifes, people lead in third world countries like Nepal. Does Nepal even need our help? Does it help to sponsor a child? Is help even needed? We know that all these questions must be answered with a "yes".  We want to help.

We have a very intimate link to Nepal. Our deputy head of the board herself, Bhawan Poudel-Bochmann, comes from Nepal and once enjoyed the help of a sponsorship.


Bhawana comes from the rural south of Nepal as the middle child of 5. Thanks to a sponsorship she had the opportunity to leave her village to go to School in Kathmandu, when she was 9. When she was 17, she received a scholarship from a british charity to get an international school degree in Hastings, England. After that, she received a scholarship to go to Bremen, Germany where she studied biochemistry and cell biology. After her PhD work in London, Bhawana moved back to Germany, where she now lives in Düsseldorf. Bhawana knows about the problems in Nepal and wants to give back to her country and help poor children. Already in high school she was active at the "Rotaract" in England and in 2009 she founded the Bildungsfoerderung Nepal.

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