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We gift a future to poor children from rural Areas of Nepal

These children often would not have any chance of getting an education beyond elementary school.But only with a higher degree of education children are enabled to lead a self-determined life and to help also their families and communities out of poverty. By helping children reach a higher level of education, we do not help "just" these children but eventually the country as a whole. We can see this effect in the children and their villages, because often the sponsored children are the first to bring liberal attitudes, progress and new ways of thinking to remote areas to this very traditional country. That way the children become role models for many other children and plant the wish for education.

The Bildungsförderung Nepal e.V. (Education for Nepal) is a registered not-for-profit organization. It is registered in the "Vereinsregister" in Fritzlar Germany (VR 3656). The not-for-profit status has been reviewed and renewed several times after proving that we meet all requirements for this tax privileged status. The organization is based in Bad Wildungen, in the northern part of the Hesse state of Germany. Members and donors are from all regions of Germany and many countries across the world.

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