As a member you pay a small monthly contribution (any amount you choose starting from 10€). If you want to contribute more, of course you may choose to contribute any regular amount you like. Wit this amount you support the long term development of the orgnization by providing planning security for sponsoring new children.
Again: All your contributions will go to the children in Nepal. There are no admin fees.

For you the immediate advantage of a membership is that you can directly affect the work we do. You will be invited to the yearly meerings and can vote for any decisions and elections of the board. So, instead of "just" contributing money to a cause, you become part of what we do and can actively engage in shaping the future of our work. Of course any further committment to help and invest time into the organization is more than welcome. Lastly, by being a member you gain very deep insight into all activities, spendings and such, and you can thus directly control what happens to the money you entrust the organization.

Are you interested in becoming a member? Please contact us by filling out the form "Become a member".

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