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As a not-for-Profit organization we depend completely on donations and Membership fees. Only with these contributions we can work for our important Mission and gift a future to children in need. We do not have any Commercial offerings or paid administrators in order to not dilute our mission. In return, we are able to channel 100% of your contributions to the cause. No admin costs that have to be deducted. This is our promise and we offer the highest possible transparency. In Germany, you can deduct your donations up to 100% from your tax; this means, the government will pay part of your donations and you can lower your Overall tax burden.

To sponsor one child, we  pay about 90€ per month (depending on exchange rates and costs in Nepal). In order to cover these expenses, we need members, who pay regular fees, as well as one-off donations. The most important part of our work is its continuity. We never want to have to discontinue the support for a child once we have committed to help.

Our goal is to add a sponsorship every year. We thus Need your help and support.

Please do donate by wiring Money to the below bank address:

Bildungsförderung Nepal e.V.
Sparkasse Waldeck Frankenberg
BLZ: 52350005
KNR: 2068666

For Donations from outside Germany, this information will be useful:

IBAN: DE18 5235 0005 0002 0686 66


We will issue your donation receipt for any donations or fees that total more than 100€ per year. This receipt entitles you to deduct your contributions from your taxes in Germany. For smaller amounts you do not need the receipt for deduction but you only need to proof a bank transfer when doing your tax return.


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